Collaboration between Spidak-Sevane and Jonathan Alpeyrie, photographer

It is while waiting for my PCR Covid-19 test at Charles de Gaulle airport that I met famed war photographed Jonathan Alpeyrie, who also had just returned to France after covering the latest war in Armenia in November 2020. Mr. Alpeyrie had been spent 5 weeks covering the fighting in Artsakh for a few major international press organizations; while I too had just returned from the region playing music for children who had been displaced by the conflict.

Here we are, one year later, collaborating on a project through my organization Spidak-Sevane meant to help Armenian children who had become orphans due to the latest conflict.

In order to help these children who have lost their parents and homes, we are selling a selection of photos taken by Mr. Alpeyrie during the war which half of the proceeds will go directly to Spidak-Sevane to provide for these children much needed help through music in the shape of workshops, purchasing of a variety of instruments, as well financing to pay for the teachers and other types of necessities. Each photos sold will be printed by the world-famous printer in New York, Duggal Visuals, then signed by Mr. Alpeyrie himself and then shipped anywhere on the planet to the buyer.

50% of the sales will go towards Spidak-Sevane.
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“The year 2020 will certainly be remembered in people’s mind world-wide as one of a kind. History has made a major come back. From a major health crisis, to geo-political tensions, our world is reminding us that reality of life is once more starring right back at us. It is, in this current context that humanity has to make a choice in order to surmount the various challenges coming our way. While it is not certain that we will learn from our past and current mistakes as a race, it is still possible to engage and face our future with courage and determination.

Armenia was no exception to this realization. After getting hit by Covid-19 the Caucasian nation had to face a tough military challenge from Azerbaijan and Turkey, leading to a brief but vicious armed conflict lasting 44 days. As soon as the war started, I flew to the region in order to cover what I thought was worth risking my life for as I’ve always felt in my heart a strong affiliation for Armenia and its people. Perhaps it is the long and tenuous history the Armenians share, or even the resiliency they have showed over the many centuries of their nation’s grim history. This combination of courage perseverance can only be admired and looked upon as a reminder to each one of us none Armenians that it is through adversity that we rise or fall, that it is throughout mistakes that we learn and not from our successes.

This is why I have decided to give back to the people who have so many times before embraced my willingness to learn and explore the realities of one of the oldest nation on earth. Risking my life for Armenia seemed a small price in order to present to the world what this small Caucasian nation has been through in the past and present and yet remains within the great concerts of nations for many years to come.”

Jonathan Alpeyrie

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