Spidak-Sevane story

Spidak-Sevane is an association created by Astrig Siranossian in 2019 whose mission is to help children in Armenia and Lebanon through music.

The main purpose of the association is to send musical instruments, as well as organizing master classes, a financial support for teachers and profesionnals.

The association develops partnerships with different countries for the creation of international exchanges.

The transition to younger generations has always been a point of honor in the artistic commitment of the cellist.

Spidak is the middle name of Astrig which means « white » and is also the epicenter of a terrible earthquake that took place 12 days before the birth of the musician, December 7th 1988.

Sevane is the name of the largest lake in Armenia which gets its water from various rivers and streams. It is both a feminine and masculine name that generously means “the one who gives life”.

Members of the association

Astrig Siranossian
Nathanaël Gouin
Anh Lan Cortella

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